July 2, 1974 - Tape V - Side 2 - Harry Broertjes - financing Outpost issues 8 and 9, how to pronounce the name "Steve Skeates," does Murray Boltinoff read the Outpost, the preference for using "big names" in the Outpost letter column, hating Star Trek: The Animated Series, how much Martin Pasko and Elliot Maggin make per page, Prez is not good, it's original, "like The Geek is original".

"You realize we've got about twenty hours of tape already? Jay, as long as you're saving them, save them. I don't know, twenty years from now we're going to go back and either have a big laugh or a big cry over all this."

Zealot 17 - Side 1 - Rich Morrissey - joining I-Sapa, considering joining Capa-Alpha but hears that it's harder to get into than Harvard,

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